The Canadensis Botanical Garden Society will be building “Canadensis: The Garden of Canada” as a legacy project for all Canadians within the historic Central Experimental Farm hub and adjacent to the UNESCO World Heritage Rideau Canal.


Botany matters. In today’s world, where environmental systems are increasingly interdependent, living plants are literally the “lungs” of the planet. Canadensis: The Garden of Canada will offer a unique place to celebrate our great natural heritage and demonstrate our ongoing commitment to sustainability in the context of climate change.


Ottawa today is the only G20 capital that has no botanical garden to display, interpret and promote Canada's botanical diversity and beauty, as well as Canada’s vast horticultural, agricultural and arboricultural knowledge and expertise.

COVID19 Update 

We thank you for your ongoing support and belief in the future Canadensis botanical garden.

At this time, the future site of Canadensis remains accessible. You can walk along the garden paths for exercise and enjoyment while respecting physical distancing. We are keeping in contact with the Central Experimental Farm staff and other stakeholders and will inform you if anything changes.


We are in the final stage of completing the master plan.  The plan's merits are being reviewed by various organizations, including the Ottawa Hospital, the First Nations communities, Ottawa Tourism, private sector leaders, and major stakeholders.  In these unprecedented times, the garden's value is becoming more evident for the broader community and the country as a whole. Canadensis will become not only a major tourist destination but also a refuge from everyday pressures and a welcoming, healing environment for all to enjoy in the heart of our Capital city. We all face ever-increasing challenges that can affect our daily lives, such as the present pandemic and natural catastrophes. A botanical garden within our community will provide a necessary oasis that enhances our collective quality of life and the well-being of our children in a significant way.

Any time
Canadensis | The Garden of Canada | Le J
Walk the Grounds, Cross Country Ski; Soujourn By the Sun Shelter
The winter landscape of Canadensis, the Garden of Canada is available for a walk, ski, or sojourn any time.

Check out our promotional video overviewing The Canadensis Botanical Garden Society.

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